On mercury

Into Into

Relict of the art, 2015.

I’m interested in locomotion of human objects. The title of my final project is ‘On mercury’, which is a pun, an allusion for heroin addiction. The inspiration is my own philosophy and perception of narcomaniacs. I need the motion of my objects to translate erased personalities, social and environmental relations of addicts. The whole projects is about interdependance of a body and an object and a space. I was inspired by liquid metal. Mercury. In my imagination, it is dripping on a body, being viscous, avalanche, like sperm. But still being a metal, it’s getting hard and pierce and penetrate body, injecting it like narcotic.

My materials and shapes were dictated by the theme. They are: polish silvery metal (aluminium, tamed to behave good) and pork skin, repeating fragile body curves, pretending to be appropriative material.

© Into Into

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