Ice cream shoes

Since I love shoes and really like ice cream, I celebrate the summer with this cool and artistic combination: shoes with ice cream. Even if you know the ice cream on these shoes is artificial, they make you want run to the nearest ice cream parlor!

There are many ways to ‘ice cream’ shoes: cones as heels, cream on the toes, waffle printed uppers or the use of pastel colors inspired by this frozen dessert.

American artist Rhonda Voo started making her delicious looking Ice Cream Shoes, adorned with authentic looking dollops of ice cream on the toes, while she was an art school student. Voo also creates her shoes on commission for fans all over the world, including Elton John and Cher.

Steve Apeah won the award for the Crazy Shoe 2011 in Vienna with his pair of court shoes with heels made of real ice cones. They are stiffened by a special procedure using synthetic resin same as for surf boards. And Aycin Aydogan’s hand painted pumps for OyeeDesign are more than yummy.

If you want to spend more money on food than on shoes you could go for the Golden Opulence Sundae, the most expensive ice cream for $1000. What do you get for this $1000? Tasting the world’s most expensive ice cream at Serendipity in New York City. This brings you: five scoops of the rich Tahitian Vanilla Bean ice cream with madagascar vanilla and 23 carat edible gold leaf, expensive chocolate, exotic candied fruit, various types of fruit, a dessert caviar and last but not least truffles, the ultimate ice cream!

If you’d rather save your money for shoes, here are my favorite ice cream spots for less than $10:
Monte Pelmo in Amsterdam, Luciano in Wassenaar, Beaart in Delft, Berthillon in Île Saint-Louis in Paris, Chinatown Ice Cream Factory in New York. If I have missed another perfect ice cream spot, please let me know.

More ice cream shoes in the Virtual Shoe Museum.