High Heel Heaven

A new book ‘High Heel Heaven, the glamour and seduction of fabulous shoes’ by Tracy Martin. Martin is a collectables, fashion and antiques expert in the UK. Beginning with the history of shoes, Tracey Martin explores the origins of the high heel, explaining how it has evolved over the decades to become one of the most desirable of all female footwear. Quirky facts, famous quotes and interesting anecdotes are interspersed throughout the pages illustrated with sensational colour images of gorgeous high heels that are guaranteed to capture the heart of every shoe lover. So whether you are a seeker of vintage footwear or a collector of luxurious designer offerings, this book is sure to unleash your inner shoe fetish as it offers something for every sole.

High heels have the power to transform, instilling confidence, distinguishing status and lifting your mood the moment you step into them. They inject glamour, femininity and sex appeal to any ensemble. From luxe to tribal and vintage to artful, there is a shoe out there to fit every foot and this invaluable guide will highlight some of the most exquisite example s of high heels you could ever be tempted to wear.

Within the pages are highlighted already well established designers such as Vivienne Westwood, Christian Louboutin and Jimmy Choo as well as showcasing groundbreaking designs from the new breed of shoe makers which include the elaborate heels from Milly J’s, funky quirky Irregular Choice and Dan Sullivan collections. There are also beautiful mystical celebrations of footwear from American psychic shoemaker Lloraine Neithardt.

Tracy’s top collecting shoes tips:
• Buy heels that are only available for a short period of time such as designer H&M collaborations.
• The more kooky and quirky the better.
• Invest in classic designer offerings such as Westwood bondage-pirate boots, YSL Tribute shoes.
• Embellishment rocks and those heels covered will always stand the test of time.
• Be individual by commissioning one off outlandish pairs from fresh new exciting designers.
• Buy vintage shoes evocative of an era like the 1920s Mary Jane or 1970s Glam Rock boot.
• Always keep your shoes out of direct sunlight and in their box and dust bag.

About the author
Tracy Martin is passionate about shoes which is confirmed by her own admirable collection. She has written articles on design, style and fashion for a variety of well-known magazines, including Grazia, which she has also featured in. Tracy regularly appears on television, including ITV’s This Morning, often speaking on the subject of fashion accessories. She has travelled the world, conducting lectures on the history of fashion and shoes. Her previous books include ‘The Little Black Dress’ and ‘Collectible Names in Design and Fashion’. Tracy lives in London.

High Heel Heaven, the glamour and seduction of fabulous shoes
Author Tracy Martin, photography by Terry Benson.
Price £9.99 (hardback, 128 pages c. 80 colour photographs), publication 10th October 2013
Published by Ryland Peters & Small
ISBN 9781849754446