Overshoe sandal + sock boot

Hernán Guardamagna

Part of the Transformable Collection, 2020.

This collection explores whether it is possible to acquire more aesthetic options while buying less. Moreover, I believe multi-functionality could be an option to embrace responsible consumption and slow down the fashion system. Why have two fashion items when you could have only one that can change its aesthetic depending on the wearer’s needs?

This design consists of complementary shoes that can function either together or independently. Using complementary shapes a trainer interlock into an overshoe sandal to became a wedge trainer.

Different design movements have argued if what defines a ‘good design’ is function or style. Can footwear be the field to develop a third position in which an object would be able to answer that question in such a way that function and style interact determining each other mutually at the same time? How could style become the starting point of the design process and consequently condition the functionality of a pair of shoes? If the aesthetic is a function, could a pair of shoes satisfy that purpose with more than one variant of use?

Photo by Hernan Guardamagna.

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