HEELBOPPS Walk like a Star

In order to make wearing high heeled shoes more comfortable and easy, HEELBOPPS were developed by Katharina Hermes. Those functional, yet sophisticated and feminine add-on-heels can be put onto the shoes heels, fitting on various shapes and easy to pull off again with a slight twist. They will look just like a slightly enlarged classic D-shaped heel and as if they would be part of the shoe. Could help you through the Xmas dance party nights!

Pumps, stilettos, high heels – any woman loves to wear a pair of those most feminine shoes. They guarantee an elegant, glamorous and sexy appearance! But yet, she might hate them as often the material on the heels won’t last for long. Walking on the street and stairs, getting stuck in stones, grids and grass make your feet hurt quickly. And walking around in the office all day long or dancing through the night and it is annoying to concentrate all the time on where to put her feet to avoid twisting her ankle.

Because of their interior construction and exterior shape, they stabilize the feet while standing or walking and they protect the heels from being damaged heavily.
HEELBOPPS are ‘Made in Germany’ and their high-quality material is especially created to fulfil all characteristics of multi-functionality and stability.

You can combine HEELBOPPS color matching or contrasting to your shoes or outfit, so you will gain the total look, the perfect outfit for any occasion and event or simply personalize your style.

Are available in different colors or – just as the latest fashion trends – in neon or block-color combinations, pastel colors and even covered with Swarovski crystals or metal studs. There are the right HEELBOPPS for any woman, stiletto, outfit or event and they are going to generate a new passion for fashion, styling and colors, while simply making life more beautiful and comfortable!