Col-lec-tion joins the campaign #hArtforUkraine by Kunsten92 in the Netherlands. With this action we reflect on what is going on in Ukraine and show our Col-lec-tion heart for Ukraine. To show solidarity and compassion, because like many, we are deeply shocked by the developments in Ukraine. For this promotion we made a ‘small work of art’ in postcard size. This card can be taken for free from various places in The Hague. On the back of the card you can find the bank account (via QR code) of Giro555. This campaign will run until March 31 2022.

Together in action
The people of Ukraine urgently need help. Hundreds of thousands of people are displaced. Families are separated from each other. They live in fear and uncertainty but we can help. With food, shelter, medical care and clean drinking water. You can also help. Together in action for Ukraine. Please donate too.
The help Ukrainians desperately need our support, both those who are displaced and those who are left behind. With your gift, the aid organizations behind Giro555 and the local aid workers can provide emergency aid, both in Ukraine itself and in neighboring countries.

Aid workers from the aid organizations behind Giro555 work around the clock. They do this in all affected areas of Ukraine, on the escape routes and on the borders with neighboring countries such as Poland, Romania and Moldova.

The Hague
If you would like to participate as a shopkeeper / lunchroom / coffee bar and if you have a free spot at the counter, contact us us and we will bring a stack.

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