Arabesque & Grotesque

Hannah Andergassen

Leather vegetable tanned mules, decorated with carved and mobile organic forms, part of a Craft the Leather capsule collection, 2022.

Insprired by the arabesque forms decorating the artworks at the Museo del Conservatorio di Santa Chiara. Andergassen: ‘After research I learned about the grotesque, the depiction of a human body fusing with an arabesque, leading to its distortion. I have always felt inspired by the way different forms, accessories or clothes interact with our bodies, manifesting themselves as functional, decorative or distorting. The whole project aims to a natural handmade aesthetics, particularly through the handmade stitching and the use of natural materials for the details. Using different techniques, from wet molding to carving, I started creating arabesque inspired forms out of the veg tan leather, then applying the main concept to different shapes, contexts of use and function.’

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