Air Jordan Colossus

Gabriel Dishaw

Sculpture, shoe size 9.5, 2009.

Measurements: 21.5″ x 8″ x depth 13”.

This sculpture is a part of a shoes series on where I revist some of my favorite classic sneaker silhouettes. This time around I took on the iconic jordan 1. I used copper in a big way, influenced from a previous Jordan (Air Jordan 17 +) One of my favorite Jordan’s of all time.
In reference to the theme and name ‘Colossus’, I wanted to pay homage to the first computer that recent history tells us was the Colossus. The first electronic computer was developed by the British to crack the LORENZ codes used by the German high command during World War

Key Features: Extra pair of steal braided shoe laces. Copper midsole for extra durability. Premium Luggage unit for secure transportation and display. Shoes fasten into box for secure lockdown when transporting. Upper made from 70’s era hard drive. Outer sole made from motherboards for increased durability and data transfer. 

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