Freya Jobbins

Freya Jobbins, is an Australian based sculptor and printmaker, who currently works from her home studio near Sydney. Majoring in Printmaking during her art studies, she is now predominantly a sculptor but continues to produce prints.

Freya’s assemblages, like the unusual portraits of the Milanese painter Guiseppe Arcimboldo with a hint of the Toy Story Trilogy; she creates humanoid busts and portraits using a very non-traditional material, discarded children’s toys. An artistic exploration, of the relationship between consumerism and the culture of up-cycling and recycling.

‘I am interested in generating a range of responses to existing cultural objects, which have been placed out of context. The irony of my plastic works is that I take a material that was created to be touched, and I make it untouchable as an artwork.’

By Freya Jobbins


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