Psychedelic Furry Shoes

Flora Miranda

Part of the fashion collection ‘Hi! How? Good.’ a narration about the dance floor experience, 2013.

The shoes tell about how one is dancing through stroboscopic light rays, like floating through space
on fluffy furry heels. The use of fur is referring to the dress style of a current subgroup of ravers, namely
the ‘KandiKinds’. And if you like high maintenance accessories, you will love these furry futuristic shoes as much as your pet. They even need to be combed and brushed to keep their hairs at their best!

A study of red green and blue being perceived as CMYK by the eye when brought into dizzying movement. RGB is becoming a psychedelic composition through these furry shoes, the fluffy material allows the colors to blur into a rainbow effect.

© Flora Miranda

© 2020 Virtual Shoe Museum

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