Luctor et Emergo

Floor Hermes

Boots decorated with silver knob and wooden curls, wooden heels, part of the collection ‘Luctor et Emergo’, 3 pairs of shoes, 3rd year SASK, d’Academie Beeld Sint-Niklaas in Belgium, 2021.

Inspired on Zeeland, a Dutch south-west province. ‘Luctor et emergo’ is the slogan from the coat of arms the province, it means ‘I stuggle and I rise’. Hermes: ‘During the Covid period I spent more time in my own region, so I revalued the beauty and cultural aspects. I decored the boots with differtent Dutch touristic elements and added traditional costumes accessories from Zeeland: the silver knobs, blood corals and ear irons.’

Material: leather, wood and silver knobs.

Photo by Charlotte Visser.

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