Linea Erotica

Fantich & Young

Part of the ‘Apex Predator Darwinian Voodoo’ series, 2017.

According to Fantich & Young, ‘Apex Predator’ is a predator that, through being at the top of the food chain, has no natural enemies. The collection is a reconnaissance of this concept in its relation to social evolution in the modern world. Luxury consumer goods are used as the basis for installations and objects to which the duo then adds ritualistic artefacts such as teeth, bones and hair. The project represents the banking industry and its ability to dodge repercussions for criminal acts.

Fantich & Young: ‘We know Jan Jansen for his fearless and creative approach to shoe design. Jan Jansen produced many iconic and unforgettable shoes. It was great collaborating with Jan Jansen on his wonderful Linea Erotica shoes, they had a spirit of Hollywood Babylon running right through them’.

Material: Linea Eroctica shoes, dentures

Jan Jansen original ‘Linea Erotica’ (2006)

© Fantich & Young

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