Great minds think contrariwise. That’s basically the reason why we started this project, to gain something valuable from each other. To approach a shoe from a different angle, as undefined 3D object with no relation to fashion industry drifting by. To share knowledge about techniques, proportions, relationships and life. To find out where do we stand at this very moment and for what.

We have been focused on raw materials and their natural capability to join one another. Best shapes are born when elements are combined according to their own characters, not when they are forced to agree with a designers vain ideas. There is no shape free from material, like no mind can never be free from ones background.

Iron is the linchpin of this project, and most of the action takes place in a blacksmith workshop environment. As an outcome we would like to see few pairs of unique, walkable high heel shoes. No limits on materials, design or time has been set.

Here is the first shoe. Nails. Isn’t she lovely.

© Emmi Malmström and Jesse Sipola

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