Open and shut

Elvan Otgen

World’s oldest shoe dates back to 3500 B.C. Made from a single piece of cowhide, laced along seams at the front and back, with a leather cord. Very same technique used by today’s shoe makers. Does this make the early man astonishingly modern or us astonishingly primitive?

Open and Shut is result of an experiment which serves as a forecast for the footwear industry. An innovative approach towards construction, material and shape.

Technical buckles, hinges and pulleys are combined with architectural heels. Unusual openings give sculptural quality on and off; creating personality for each piece. Silicone coated surfaces, plasticized leather and foam pulls the shoes towards the future.

Pushing the limits; result is shown as the skeleton of the shoes along with color and material library.

© Elvan Otgen, teaser by Niek Pulles.

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