Elmira Salamat

Elmira Salamat is an Iranian sculptor and jewelry designer born in Tehran 1988, based in Cardiff, UK. Throughout her life, she has always been fascinated by human characters and how people deal with emotions. Primarily, she was interested in sculpting with clay. This absorption was cultivated during her teenage years and further developed when she opted to take her bachelor’s degree in sculpture. In the following, she got her master’s degree in illustration from Art University of Tehran.

She represents human sensation through the forms while explores the women concerns. She tries to transform ideas into the ornaments which associate with women’s daily experiences. apart from that, she also works on human figure by using exaggeration as a key element. As Elmira has always been fond of memories, she tends to make sculptural compositions in which they are made up of throwaway furniture like chairs, frames or artificial flowers. Her artwork is trying to narrate a story and the characters that Elmira’s sculptures exude, are witnesses to black humor. Her artworks have always figured out the relation between the human and the things that they have been using; shoe is one of those objects that she has focused on during her projects. In her latest project she is working on wearable sculptures.

Salamat uses different materials such as bronze, resin, fabric and recycled materials. Her other interests include installation art, photography, painting and stop motion animation. She has participated in more than 30 group sculpture exhibitions while has been part of several stop motion animation projects. Her animated short film ‘night night’ became finalist in various international festivals in America, Canada, Norway and etc. and was elected as the winner for short one-minute film in Mister Vorky Festival in Serbia and winner of 1Minuto Festival in Brazil. She was also the winner of the sixth Khwarizmi Festival with her photography project and the winner of the sixth biennial of urban sculptures in Tehran. Her sculpture ‘The Passenger’ was elected to be installed in urban space in Tehran, Iran.

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By Elmira Salamat


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