Elly de Waard

Dutch poet Elly de Waard (1940) wrote for more than fifteen years about pop music for the Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant and the magazine Vrij Nederland and was one of progressive journalists in this area.

She debuted as a late poet in 1978. As a poet Elly de Waard from the outset took a clear position. She opposed the influence of the fifties and advocated a return to lyric poetry which, directly, expressing emotions and feelings. Among her main examples they charged poets as Emily Dickinson, Sylvia Plath, Maria Vasalis and Ida Gerhardt.
In her third collection, Fury (1981), Elly de Waard has really found her own voice: passionate love lyrics, direct, written with great dedication. The love between women from that moment will remain its main theme. Violent eruptions in the sense of her poems are initially kept by a very strict form.

The strength of Elly de Waard lies in her artistic ability and her sense of rhythm.

By Elly de Waard


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