Return to the Soil

Eiichi Katsukawa

‘Human beings are nature and nature can be returned to the soil. When I return to the soil my shoes return as well.’, 2014.

This pair of brogues in distressed ‘Nibe’ leather (reversed cowhide), accompanied by a wooden coffin rather than a box, is inspired by the theme of returning to the soil.

Katsukawa: ‘I’m a shoe craftsman, but I think about the issues our planet faces every day. One day I sat down and thought about how the root cause of many problems we face is the fact that most of the things we use today cannot be returned to the soil’. Most of these things have been produced in the last hundred years, so Katsukawa started thinking about how he could maybe reverse the trend. ‘What if weapons were made of bamboo and bombs were made of a cow’s droppings?’ he wondered. After experimenting for a while he came up with shoes made using natural materials that can be buried in their own coffin.

© Eiichi Katsukawa

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