Found Footage

Eelko Moorer

Part of the collections ‘Vessels’.

Growing up in Holland from a young age he remembers being intrigued by the red light districts; the hidden yet well known aspects of the cities. It is these memories that he references for his installation. A show entitled Peep Show: Vessels.

It is this deprivation that interests Moorer – the death of the erotic in the public domain. In a world where advertising and the internet have rendered pornography mainstream. Pornography, no longer exiled, now sits inside society as opposed to the outside. It’s lewd connotations literally disappearing as it has become integrated within. This pervasive use of pornography has killed off eroticism. Now that the open/secret nature of sexuality is no longer deemed transgressive Moorer questions what is taboo?

3D modelling by Antonio Hernandez Arocho. 3D printing facilitated by Digital Anthropology Lab, London College of Fashion, 2017.

Material: PLA and epoxy

© Eelko Moorer

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