Deniz Terli

My passion for shoes can be led back to my fascination for femininity. Heels have the power to transform even the manliest of men, and give them a feminine touch. More than any other fashion item, shoes are a symbol of femininity and that’s why I like to design them.

My collection is the result of my own personal search of what it means to be a woman. Femininity and the performance of seduction are a common thread in my collection. I design for strong, autonomous women who don’t shy away from being sexy, but embrace their sex-appeal as a big part of their womanhood, just as they do their intelligence and strength.

Through my collection I try to balance those characteristics and create shoes that challenge the set stereotypical rules on femininity. My collection is raw and graphic, yet refined at the same time. My shoes have a strong and streamlined silhouette. I like to use functional elements as decorative elements which goes hand in hand with my love for hardware . The prints and materials used in my collection are all created to accentuate the total outlook of the shoes.

After finishing a BA in Fashion Design at the Willem de Kooning Academy in 2007, I did a course in Industrial Footwear Design at the Dutch HealthTec Academy, before enrolling at the MA Shoe Design at Artez Fahion Masters. After graduating I have the ambition to work internationally for different shoe brands and fashion labels.

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