Diana 1981

Deborah Kiwi

Part of the ‘Diana Collection’, series of three pairs of footwear looks at Princess Diana, the female icon of her time, as a symbol of innocence, worship and eventually sacrifice. Addressing the contradiction of an adoring, enchanted public, which was hungry for affection to the point of placing our protagonist in an impossible, destructive situation, 2020.

The shoes in this capsule collection place the foot in that impossible position, endlessly tip toeing a fine line. It replaces balance and ease for constant restraint and discomfort. And yet, we can’t help but wonder what is it like to walk in those shoes. Could we pull it off and how painful would it be?

Reflecting back on a historical European dress shoe for men, this second pair in the series communicates the story of royal restriction and convention. The shoe pattern, shape and material is used to depict the all encompassing formal assembly of prominence. As a princess, Diana has becomes her country’s symbol, deprived of self-determination or liberty of self-expression.

Material: leather and buttons.

© Deborah Kiwi.

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