Handmade vegetable-tanned leather sandal, 2022.

Inspired by organic lines in connection with the inner experience of human.  The feeling of freedom, peace, releasing and letting go an emotions in harmony with the nature. I am passing on.  I am flowing. I am accepting. I am giving. The key point are smooth round lines, organic texture, fullness of shapes, saturation of nature tones, freedom and airiness of the shoe cut. The structure of the leaves/ bush-rope reflects on the final product, completed with a delicate and elegant texture in the upper. The sole is inspired by tromling of crystlas, soil, asymmetry and smoothness.

The ‘moss insole’ reflectis the pleasant feeling of the moment ‘here and now’. The moment when barefoot touches cool, fresh, early grass. Mirroring the idea ‘lie down and listen to the crabgrass grow’.

© Dáša Marta Ďurovcová.

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