Hula Girl

Danny Sullivan

Irregular by name, Irregular by nature…
Danny Sullivan, founder and designer, is the creative energy behind Irregular Choice. It will surprise most to learn that he has no formal training yet solely designs all aspects of the collections. His innovative approach to design is thanks in part to his footwear industry pedigree – Danny’s parents were at the forefront of the fashion scene in and around London’s Kings Road at its heyday in the ’70s and ’80s with their infamous Transport store.

At 15, Danny left home to explore the sights of London, opening his first shoe shop in Covent Garden by the age of 18. At 23, Danny closed the shop to further discover what the world had to offer. On returning from his adventures, he had brief stints designing for Everlast and Soviet Clothing prior to setting up ‘one of a kind’ brand, Irregular Choice in the summer of ’99.

Informed by his travelling experiences, the brand kicked off its first season with its own take on the traditional Japanese split-toe look, which still makes an appearance in every collection. Irregular Choice is not on an academic mission to fit with trends – more to break with convention. The idea is to make you look twice, with garnishing and detail that any wedding cake would be proud of. Each collection has its own cornucopia of references often far removed from the main fashion pack, designed to appeal to totally individual Irregular souls. With the launch in ‘04 of both its first full men’s collection and its accessories line, Irregular Choice continues to go from strength to strength…

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