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Daniella Shevel: ‘I wanted to personally introduce myself and tell you a little bit about what inspired me to create this brand. Born and raised in South Africa, I never in my wildest African dreams thought that I would end up in New
York City designing my own shoe collection and running a direct-to-consumer shoe business.

I’ve always believed that it is important to invest in quality footwear that fits well and doesn’t hurt or cramp your feet. This idea started when I was really young with my mom who would caution me to wear proper shoes as I got older in order to avoid exacerbating issues like bunions.

I want women to expect beautiful design and comfort from their shoes without compromise. I want women to have a brand that they know they can go to and trust that their shoes have been designed for REAL everyday life and not just the moments we see glamorized in movies and on Instagram.

I approach every design with the intent to create something that’s beautiful, proportional, flattering, and fit-tested for comfort. For example, sourcing thicker heels, adding extra cushion to insoles, and choosing the softest and highest quality materials. I personally try and fit each pair to test the exact pitch or steepness of a heel for better weight distribution. Every pair is made to be worn all day… every pair FUNCTIONAL.’

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By Daniella Shevel

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