Honoring memory

Cristin Richard

Installation, shown at the Detroit Institute of Arts, during Ofrendas: Celebrating el Día de Muertos, 2023.

Cristin’s research and analysis on the human body brought her to create delicate shoes made from animal intestines.

Richard: ‘Memory is illusive. Though it’s there with you every day, it tends to make its presence known only when you need it most. It knows that even though it brings great joy, there will always be a feeling of loss and the weight of time that comes along with it. I cherish this opportunity to explore the memory of my earliest work, revisiting the techniques and materials that are the foundation of my practice, while honoring two people who had a profound impact upon my life. 

For my grandparents, Catherine and Gregory DiGregorio… I LOVE you, I LOVE you, I LOVE you to the moon and back.

© Cristin Richard.

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