Part of the series of objects ‘Right & Leftovers’ made of old clothing items from the designers private closets, flooding issues of using recycled materials and stretching shoe boundaries as a concept and clothing item, 2020.
While closed in their home without raw materials during Covid lockdown and as part of a search for options in insulation conditions, Shelly and Ayalon initially became socks left alone in the laundry basket and later clothing items that filled their home closets, a starting point for form and material attempts. By inserting threads into various clothing details and folding and stretching moves fixed on them using hardened glue, they made the shape identified as a shoe an integral part within the clothing item, blurring and at the same time stretching the identity of the object.
As part of a dialogue between material and form, they challenge the relationship between the various components of the shoe and their production and creative processes. And hold a kind of negotiation between design, art and culture through objects that open up discussion and leave behind their functional aspect.

© CoupleOf, Shelly and Elon Satat-Kombor.

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