CONCRETE FLOWER meets Cube2 reflective from nat-2

Celebrating urbanity in a new and different way. Sneaker brand nat-2 and perfume producer Atelier PMP belong to the most creative companies in Germany and were
rewarded last year by the German government for their creativity: both companies are ‘Kreativ- und Kulturpiloten’, yes it means creative culture pilots… And this was the starting point for the idea to team up and to do a unique collaboration. Again both brands prove to be creative pilots.

Concrete Flower & A super cool sneaker or: How to paint the world?
Concrete Flower is more than just a super-modern fragrance, it is also an attitude. It is Concrete Flower’s mission of ending the drab and letting our cities bloom again. On the fragrance’s website, artists from all around the world can show how they are transforming concrete into visual bouquets: with tags, graffiti, plants. The South African graffiti artist Nardstar* has already left behind her take on blossoming concrete in Cape Town – other artists from Shanghai to New York and of course Hamburg has followed.

The Fragrance
For a second the senses are stunned and seduced by a super fresh and green ginger note, which develops quickly into a note both lime-fresh and herbal, based upon bergamot, mandarine, black pepper, thyme, sage and kardamon. The heart: an unexpected chord of neroli, ginger, jasmine, iris, clove oil and lily. The base note resonates with styrax, noble wood notes of sandalwood, Chinese cedar and oakmoss, rounded off with amber and a hint of musk. And there it is! A super-modern, intensely green and energising play on the Eau de Cologne theme comes to life.

Concrete meets Flacon
How do you pack a love letter to graffiti? How do you connect the flower and the wild energy of the unplanned with the strict strength of concrete? The scent ‘Concrete Flower’ stands for this untamed energy for the growths of uniquness, the power that can pierce through concrete. This is contrasted by the clean style of the flacon: the cool and heavyness of concrete, the clear glass…

The Parfumer
Mark Buxton is a perfume creator and hedonist who works for labels like Comme des Garcons Fragrances, Le Labo, Givenchy, Cartier and Burberry – or for PMP Perfumes Mayr Plettenberg such as with the already successful ‘Dreckig bleiben’!
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