Girligami pump yellow

Cindy Ng

Can't afford a closet full of Manolo's? Satisfy your shoe lust with mini pumps that are high on style, low on cost, and much more comfortable. For the dessert lovers, there are chocolate-covered strawberries and cupcakes to indulge a sweet tooth with zero fat and zero calories.

Cindy Ng provides the book 'Girligami'. A frech fun fashionable spin on origamy'. A book with fresh ideas, from little cocktail dresses and secret love notes, to adorable animals and trendy totes with lots of helpful tips at every step comes alive with 300 color illustrations, plus one-of-a-kind preprinted origami papers to cut and fold. Published by Watson-Guptill Publications, a division of Ransom House, 208 pages.

In clear chapters, Ng describes the enticing items that can be made with origami: miniature shoes, purses, hearts, animals. Practice may be required to make the fashionable high heels on the striking cover. Packaged with bright papers to tear out and fold.

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