Food adventure

Chu-Ting Lee

A banquet for my loved ones, final collection in 8 courses, 2015.

When I look at a pair of beautiful shoes, they also appear like a delicious dish that I just couldn’t take my eyes off. Layers of structure pile up and build the shoe like using different ingredient creating different dishes. I attempt to create my shoes just like a well-decorating meal. Food is an essential part of my culture and relates to the place I live. Therefore I brought out a shoe banquet to all my dear loves.

Chicken soup is my first course, my beginning of the collection. You can’t break the chicken apart before you serve this dish. Once you separate the chicken, all the nutritions come out from the body. The shoe itself appears to be one piece, covered with skin, once they fall apart and reconstruct, it became a landscape just like a painting. This idea also applies to my sushi plate and lobster.

© Chu-Ting Lee

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