Chengxu Tian

Part of the collection ‘Melting’, 2012.

Love is chocolate. Love is the melting heart.

Several scientific researches show that eating chocolate can help people reduce negative emotions and relieve pain. So chocolate is sweet and joyful and it means happiness. It is a luxurious food with its unique, smooth feeling and its melt-in- the-mouth quality. I wanted to combine these features of chocolate to design a series of shoes with melt design lines. Chocolate color materials to bring that melting visual feeling. Using 3D injection mold technique and PVC material to create 3D melting upper and sole, which has vivid and natural effect. I also thought about the classic combination of milk and chocolate. The melting chocolate dripping on dense milk foam makes everyone feel warmed inside and arouses the appetite.

© Chengxu Tian

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