Carolin Holzhuber

The ENIGMA collection plays with the idea that life can be surprising and sometimes even severe, but there is a magic and beauty that exists at its center which can be treasured, 2019.

A process which started with Carolin’s contemplation of humankind’s role and existence in the world through a collection of quotes surrounding the idea of the word ‘enigma’. While a broad metaphysical question to consider, “Without the spiritual world the material is a Disheartening enigma.” – Joseph Joubert

 Highly polished accents create an ethereal, mystical vibe- the effect is both surprising and intriguing. This is a deeply felt collection. Rather than contrasting, they work in tandem, equally beautiful, comprising the whole. This collection’s palette which includes a dusty royal blue, foggy grey-green, blush tones, and pure black leather are soft and reassuring during a time when we as a collective are desperate to feel comforted and reassured. 

Photo by Carolin Holzhuber.

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