Conjoined Illusion H

Carolin Holzhuber

The footwear collection ‘Conjoined Illusion’ is based on reflection, mirroring, visual illusions and conjoined twins, 2013.

Every pair of shoes consists of four carbon fibre soles that are connected, conjoined in different ways. The idea of reflection, mirroring and optical illusions can be seen in the design of the uppers respectively in the design of the heels/platforms. Visual illusions and mirroring are arduously to understand for our brain. Our cognitive faculty gets irritated. If we look at objects from different perspectives they seem to change their shape, but they are still the same. The intention behind the designs is to somehow confuse, or disturb, or grasp the spectator for a long time. With my work I want to challenge the eyes and the mind.

© Carolin Holzhuber

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