For the Love of Shoes

This beautiful illustrated shoe book is a must-have for shoe fanatics. It’s edited by Patrice Farameh, a leading book producer and publisher specializing in lifestyle publications and media in New York. This new book shows large high quality shoe product photographs and great fashion pictures by Gianluca Pasquini and Diego Dolcini combined with insightful essay interviews with the designers.

Women have long realized that cool shoes do not only complement the outfit, they are the whole point. From Cinderella to Carrie, we have all fallen head over heels for ‘the right pair’ – and to hell with cost or comfort! This book explores the outer realms of avant-garde shoe design. Unfettered by commercialism, these pioneering designers give full rein to their artistic visions. These zany pieces contain an array of extraordinary forms and materials. With influences ranging from Las Vegas pizzazz and arcane tribal relics to contemporary architecture, it may be difficult to distinguish between fun footwear and conceptual sculpture.

Shoe designers featured:
Alejandro Ingelmo / Alexa Wagner / Alexander McQueen / Aoi Kotsuhiroi / Atalanta Weller / Barbara Briones / Bionda Castana / Camilla Skovgaard / Casadei / Cesare Paciotti / Chau Har Lee / Charlotte Olympia / Christian Louboutin / Daniele Michetti / Diego Dolcini / Dsquared2 / Edmundo Castillo / GINA / Gio Dev / Jerome C. Rousseau / Jimmy Choo / Kermit Tesoro / Kobi Levi / Lauren Tennenbaum / Laurence Decade / Manolo Blahnik / Marloes ten Bhömer / Naim Josefi / Netta Makkonen / Noritaka Tatehana / Omar Angel Perez / Pauline Van Dongen / Pour La Victoire / René Caovilla / Rob Goodwin / Ruthie Davis / Stuart Weitzman / Stubbs & Wootton / Tania Spinelli / Tea Petrovic / United Nude / Via Spiga / Victoria Spruce / Walter Steiger.

About the author
Her passion for the publishing world was fueled over 15 years ago when she started her career as a project manager one of the first successful internet companies in the world during a time when e-commerce was just at its infancy stage. During her ten years of living abroad, Patrice worked for and collaborated with international corporations producing creative digital media concepts, leading to a career developing an online procurement platform for a major international publishing group. Patrice also created and produced Trendscout TV, in which she traveled the globe in search of the most stylish hotel, restaurant, art and fashion trends in major metropolitan cities. This led her to editing and producing lifestyle publications on the same topics. Patrice’s informative guides were featured on a travel television channel in cooperation with her own web site column for the most widely read newspaper in Europe. Since then, Patrice has worked on a multitude of art book publications and resource guides for well-known international publishers.

For the Love of Shoes
Author Patrice Farameh, photographs by Gianluca Pasquini and Diego Dolcini
Price USD 95.00 (hardcover with jacket, 304 pages. 300 colour photographs)
Format: 9 7/8 x 12 5/8 in., text in English
Published by teNeues, 2013
ISBN 9783832796976

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Photo spikey coloured heels © Ruthie Davis