081 Ghana

Betty Becker

243 Sneakers for different places.
In alphabetical order Ghana is nr. 081, Norway nr. 163, Spain nr. 203.

Sneaker world theme:
– moving by feet is a human main feature, independent of different countries
– shoes developed specifically with needs
– for sneakers these were at first sports
– they became shoes for everyday life worldwide
– anyway they don’t go into specifications of countries until now
– I want to research this theme + design sneakers exemplarily, using advantages of developments and incorporate cultures at the same time Cultural theme
– 5.000 rich and vital cultures can learn of diversity, imagination + way of seeing the world
– in marks, signs + colors is daily teaching we should never turn our backs on
– this trip across oceans + continents is nothing other than a form of homage, a journey in living traces of expressions, a result of meeting people in order to practice + promote respect for social, cultural + environmental diversity in many spheres.

© Betty Becker

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