Porcelain Wedge

Benjamin John Hall

Part of the collection Design by Destruction ((Smash Dyeing©), 2014.

The work was influenced by the Destructivist art movement of the 60s where objects were destroyed in live public performances, in particular Raphael Montañez Ortiz playing piano with an axe and from the 90s the K Foundation burning one million pounds. However, unlike the Destructivist’s art that cannot actually exist by its very nature, Benjamin’s shoes do live on in their newly tainted forms. Shoes are waterproofed with nano technology then spray dyed, ink capsules are squeezed until they burst and internal porcelain structures smashed to seep ink on to external material, all of which effect new dying methods and creative outcomes through destructive actions.

Smash Dyeing is a process (occurring post footwear manufacture) in which a concealed internal porcelain structure is smashed to release ink, which in turn seeps to the surface dyeing the external upper.

© Benjamin John Hall, photo by Levin Haegele.

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