Mona Lisa

Barbara Zucchi

This shoe sculpure is part of a series of 20 sculptures of shoes dedicated to the most relevant women in history, literature, cinema and comics. This project has been commissioned by Superstudio Milan and ANCI, and chosen as opening event for the MICAM 2006.

Mona Lisa
I have tried to imagine Mona Lisa’s feet and I think that, after all the interests shown for her throughout the centuries from millions of quotations, remakes, tons of written paper and who knows what else, she’s probably laughing up her sleeves: I’d imagine a bright open smile hidden under her dress aside from the shot that Leonardo da Vinci made her protagonist of the most renowned painting of the world. I join myself to the procession of whose that quoted her and that will still do it in the centuries to come and I make her shoe in the capacity of a comic; a fake smile painted PET and a question mark as heel representing the androgynous, feminine and masculine at the same time, as trend at that time of Leonardo, among embarrassing exchange of pictorial subjects and renamed self-portraits spiced up with alchemy.

Courtesy of Daniele Fontana at Whitenoisephotography 2007.

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