Barbara Zucchi

This shoe sculpure is part of a series of 20 sculptures of shoes dedicated to the most relevant women in history, literature, cinema and comics. This project has been commissioned by Superstudio Milan and ANCI, and chosen as opening event for the MICAM 2006.

Cinderella runs away down the castle’s stairs for she won’t be back home by midnight the horses will turn back to mice and the coach to a pumpkin. My Cinderella is a chronic late-comer, as I am, she has a pumpkin for heel as now it’s really getting too late. She has a stopped watch making '5 minutes to midnight' on her ankle as a warning and her shoe is not made of glass for I am not the fairy and midnight is long gone.
However, her sandal is transparent but is made of PET, certainly a cheap material but good enough for the occasion, because nowadays Cinderellas, unlike the character of the classic fairytale, have to content themselves with little. There are no many more charming princes around and the most part of men is closer to be similar to rats so that the world should be getting rid of rats.

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