Banjaaran India

Wearing a pair of handmade shoes is thus a conscious choice for someone who values this craft, history, time and tradition. We at Banjaaran, translate these values to our shoes- crafted using artisan production techniques- handed down to generations. Our designs organically reflect our love of contrast and are meticulously crafted in pursuit of a perfect balance between construction and creativity. A celebration of Indian textiles and crafts our collections are a narrative walked through the life of a wanderer- who finds beauty in memoirs acquired along the journey. Inspired by people and their stories of courage, rebellion, and persistence, the collections come alive in an assortment of handcrafted textiles and techniques compiled from various regions across the country- and uses contemporary shoe silhouettes infused with traditional construction techniques.

In designing our unique combinations of colours and textures, it is vital to us that ‘Banjaaran’ fulfils the needs of the modern wearer. Our artisan production techniques ensure that the shoes are handmade to perfection- not just in terms of aesthetic but also construction that remains unbeatable.

We identify as a label that stands by the value of creating and promoting handcrafted techniques and products- inspired by India but designed for the world. We identify as India’s Handcrafted Rebellion.

By Banjaaran

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