Anywhere You Go

An old craft, a new look and a unique story.

These graceful clogs with heel and orthopedic footbed made ​​of wood. Each pair tells it’s own story: where you come from and where you are going. A story about the past, present and future, about your roots and being grounded. One clog can be the map of the centre of Amsterdam and the other shows the countryside of Holland.

Marieke Vromans (daughter of a tanner and clog maker) and Stefanie van der Ploeg (daughter of a farmer) met at their study Garden and Landscape. After their studies Marieke went to college as an artist and graphic designer Stefanie and went to work at DS Landscape Architects. Their shared love of landscape, nature, beauty and craft gave them the idea for Anywhere You Go.

Do you want to order a pair of clogs with your own story? On request designers Marieke and Stefanie will make you a personal pair of clogs, with a graphical representation of two places on earth that together tell your story.

By Anywhere You Go


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