Antonio Arocho Hernández

Antonio Arocho Hernández, MA Footware graduate from London College of Fashion 2019: ‘I have always been a person with diverse interests, constantly balancing my fascination with the sciences and passion for the arts. In my eyes, design is an interdisciplinary field, and it speaks to me for that very reason. It allows me to explore and integrate science and technology, arts and craftsmanship, as well as form and function into a single object.

Antonio: ‘Throughout my academic career, I have acquired an array of skills that have helped me develop my ideas and make them into a reality. During my BFA in industrial design, I started working with 3D Modeling programs and I used them hand-in-hand with my craft. This is the same path I took for my Masters, focusing in Virtual and Augmented Reality. Innovation is the key to my design, and it is what drives me as my work ethic. It is my goal to blend the organic that we find in nature with technology to create new forms and prove that technology can be beautiful.’

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