The world is flat, pump

Antoine Peters

Peters is synonymous for optimism, a smile. A world where everything is possible and everybody is the same; THE WORLD IS FLAT 2010

. The theme is visible, literally and figuratively, in all the layers of the collection. Like the dimensional silhouettes and draperies which came into being out off a play with shapes and proportions whit-in flat patterns. The print for this collection is a enormous coloring-page, which because of being fragmented randomly ›fills in‹ every piece of clothing and makes it one-of-a-kind. As for the shoes, made in cooperation with Jelske Peterson and head-pieces by Eva Nip, which look as if cutout straight from the coloring-page.

Even the coloring-page fits within the theme, content-wise. I translated the 3D wearer of the clothes into ›flat‹ 2D pin-ups, inspired by vintage Vargas drawings. Then the page was colored by what most people think of ›superficial‹ make-up. When blown-up these colors and structures have an amazing effect!

© Antoine Peters

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