The world is flat, boot

Antoine Peters

Peters is synonymous for optimism, a smile. A world where everything is possible and everybody is the same; THE WORLD IS FLAT 2010. The theme is visible, literally and figuratively, in all the layers of the collection. Like the dimensional silhouettes and draperies which came into being out off a play with shapes and proportions whit-in flat patterns. The print for this collection is a enormous coloring-page, which because of being fragmented randomly ›fills in‹ every piece of clothing and makes it one-of-a-kind. As for the shoes, made in cooperation with Jelske Peterson and head-pieces by Eva Nip, which look as if cutout straight from the coloring-page.

Even the coloring-page fits within the theme, content-wise. I translated the 3D wearer of the clothes into ›flat‹ 2D pin-ups, inspired by vintage Vargas drawings. Then the page was colored by what most people think of ›superficial‹ make-up. When blown-up these colors and structures have an amazing effect!

© Antoine Peters

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