Part of the graduation collection ‘Sensewear’, that consists of 5 styles: Merino, Marble, Fibre, Beech and Charcoal, 2022.

Sensewear is a circular consultancy that consults footwear brands in relation to sustainable materials, sustainable construction, and circular business models. This collection communicates the vision of the brand and states the importance of touch in the digital age. The circular collection raises awareness of and supports the well-being of young women via haptic craft experiences. 
The circular collection consists of five ‘DIY footwear kits’ that help young women reconnect with themselves via creative activity in a future home environment. The materials, forms, and colours stimulate the senses and support one’s well-being by creating a warm and comfortable atmosphere. Each shoe is assembled as a three-dimensional puzzle. 
The collection consists of a selection of sustainable, durable materials and is designed for ‘dis- and reassembly’, which enable easy maintenance, repairing, and recycling. By erasing the distance between maker and user, the production process is simplified, and the user gets more emotionally attached to her product, which improves the product lifespan. 

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