Silver squared toe ankle boot on a split heelless platform with blade, part of the collection ‘JÖRMUNGANDR’ ss24, in collaboration with French fashion designer ASQUIN, shown during Paris Fashion Week September 2023.

The collection JÖRMUNGANDR’ is inspired by the giant sea (‘world’) serpent in Nordic mythology from IXth to XIIIth century, symbol for destruction and renaissance. Amber created two types of warriors, ‘fatale’ and ‘fragile’ in her catwalk designs. The showpieces are six variations based on strong silhouettes and powerful iron point details to reflect the feeling of impenetrable armor. It evokes the question who is on the receiving end of this weapon when blades point dangerously towards the wearer’s own foot soles.

Materials: various leathers, eco-responsible fish leather veneer from a French tannery and eco-friendly PU. Top quality sea leather has been chosen in reference of scales in both serpents and fish.

Photo’s by ASQUIN.

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