Part of the collection ‘Poisonous Kisses’, Once Upon a Dream… She Got Smothered By Reality, 2015.

Elegant, submissive, passive they await their salvation. To rescue a princess from magical imprisonment, a handsome prince who never met her before must try to slay the evil force. It is such a shame that classic Disney fairy tales set up girls for disappointment and codependency. The idea of their prince having to revive her with a kiss or potion or countless other failing remedies is toxic and old fashioned. Poisonous kisses is a reference to the harmful belief women need to be beautiful and helpless in awaiting for her only destiny in life; finding true love. So many fairytales were about their households, and about being punished for crossing lines that shouldn’t be crossed.

Accepting shiny apples, touching a spindle, being humble and subservience is more important than being courageous and confident. Even when the princess is adventurous and on a mission, she willingly gives up her identity for a man she never even met before. Only since the 90s has the message been change to never underestimate the power of a princess. Life is more beautiful, raw, painful, exhilarating, and spectacular than Disney ever taught you. We don’t need to be saved; we just need heels. And sometimes those are 3D-printed.

Material: leather, tights, wire, glitter stones and 3D printed heels.

Photo by Charlotte Visser.

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