Paper boots

Amara Hark-Weber

Unique pair, hand made and handwritten transparant paper boots, 2014-2015.

Part of the ‘Variations’ collection. Stories compel us, frighten, inspire, and move us to action. They are the foundation of our understanding of ourselves and where we come from as both individuals and groups. This project began as a technical exploration of two seemingly disparate media: boot making and printing/binding. While disparate at first glance, they are actually quite related. Each is about storytelling. What we wear, what we read, how we put ourselves together and the objects that we surround ourselves with are all a part of our own construction of personal narrative. The more I thought about books and shoes, the more interchangeable the idea of them became. After all, books must be engaged with by a human body, and spark interest in the mind. Footwear must also be engaged with by a human body and again spark interest in the mind. I began to see books and boots as almost identical in function, if not form.

© Amara Hark-Weber.

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