Almost barefeet!

Aloi Sunti

Caution! You're almost barefoot! Shoes of subtle sensation from Aloi Sunti.

Inspiration arose by spending time on one of the world's most wonderful stretches of land, where natural beauty is enriched by countless cultural treasures. Along with a couple of friends I was dreaming of an endless summer and we shared a sense of freedom and wellbeing. This experience would have been enhanced, I thought, if I ripped off part of my shoe soles. However, images of elegant and exciting shoes allowing a woman to be almost barefoot soon appeared in my imagination. The product's development challenged last manufacturers as well as traditional metal processors or shoemakers. Each one of them had to think beyond what they knew. Several prototypes were made, a patent application was filed and valuable acquaintances of many ambitious partners were established. The resulting design was so surprising to people that many would not trust their eyes.

'Oh my god, shoes without any arch support!' some say, even before they realize that even the shoes they themselves wore actually do not provide any arch support. Our orthopedic shoemaker and co-developer can explain: 'With ready made shoes and, without customized inlays, there is always a hollow space remaining in the area of the arch of the foot, so that the arch will not be supported at all. Any attempt to provide a serialized inlay fails due to the vast variety of foot shapes. Such an 'average' inlay can even be detrimental to comfort. Therefore, the abandonment of a shoe
sole in the middle area will not create any negative implications.'

The concept for the design is based on the replacement of the steel shank, which is normally incorporated between the outer and inner soles and which gives highest rigidity to the middle sole and the heel. In the Aloi Sunti shoe the flexibility of the sole at the tip of the shoe works as usual but the steel shank has been replaced with a static connection running along the outer side of the foot. The foot is held firmly on it's outer side, but can spread on the other side due to the elasticity of the leather. In order to prevent unattractive welling out of the sole of the foot at the edge of the shoe's heel, it is inclined more than usual.

Thus the comfort of Aloi Sunti is unquestionable and my dream of allowing the air to kiss the soles of a lady's foot is fulfilled, and will give her her a sense of freedom and indulgence in the heat of the summer – or night.

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