In my own hands (2)

Alice van Opstal

Part of the collection ‘In my own hands’, for the Academy of Fine Arts in Sint-Niklaas Belgium (SASK), 2016.

Second shoe: Never before I felt stronger, but never the dark moments were as deep.

After my mother’s suicide, I passed through several phases. It was asif my mother had crushed me to pieces. It struck me that hard that I changed into another personality. My absence during her hardest moments makes me still feel guilty. With my collection, I want to visualize the three phases I went through after her death. Each shoe has a largely dark color palette. In the first, I felt a restless line play. The lines only get tighter in the second and third stages to symbolize my more stable mood. The heels are whimsical, shaky, transparent and twisted. Also in my use of textures and patterns I have chosen nervousness.

© Alice van Opstal

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