Alice Potts

Ballet pointe shoes covered by sweat-made crystals, 2018.

Sweat is a collection developed during the MA in Fashion at Royal College of Art. Looking at the a multidisciplinary approach combing Fashion, Body and Science. Developing future biomaterials and looking at how we can create our own accessories through our secretions. Sweat creates and captures an emotion beyond an ordinary experience. Showing the beauty of how our bodies respond to our current environment, Yet also captures a single moment from different points in individuals lives. We all secret every day but never stop to think about the importance of this bodily response or what it could be.

Sweat covers us in similar ways to clothing and shoes, like a second skin, but the most beautiful about it is that it removes global and political labeling. Everyone sweat is unique and so is each human being, no one is exactly the same and shouldn’t be judged by globalized external factors but who they are internally.

© Alice Potts

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