External Bones II

Alejandra Simonetta

External Bones is an assortment of deconstructed footwear that allows you to see the individual parts, 2014.

Alejandra had asked herself: Can the ‘internal bone’ – the shank of the shoe – be replaced externally providing the same functions of support, protection and balance, as well as providing new aesthetic functions? The project is based on externalizing the different parts in such a way that we can see how it’s made, from the shank of the shoe or base support of a high heel. Her research led her to see the importance of this piece as the skeleton of a shoe and how it could serve as the jumping off point for new types of soles for heels.

Material: for the bones (the shank) I used laser-cut, hand-polished stainless steel. The white part is orthopedic thermoplastic and a prosthesis. I used plaster to give it the porcelain-like finish. For the soft parts, I used resins and salmon leather from Chile.

© Alejandra Simonetta, photo Riccardo Nieddu

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