The connection between Amber Ambrose Aurèle born in 1987 and Albert Van Der Weide born in 1949, was through Marga van Mechelen, an art historian and publicist. She is Albert’s wife and became Amber’s teacher at the University. This friendship led to creating FOOTPRINT together, 2023.

They spoke often about their relationship, similarities and differences between their fields of work, design and visual arts. This awakened the desire to create a work together, in which both disciplines, the design and making of shoes by Amber and the making of drawings by Albert and installations were the starting points. They decided to take this on and start from scratch. What was the urgency of the collaboration and what are the common sources of inspiration they wondered aloud. And parallel to that they started confronting each other with sketches, ideas, going straight forward or wandering in side idea’s. Thinking and acting in an inimitable pendulum movement with the perspective of creating something tangible. Many different layers emerge in their work; Art meets Fashion, diversity, making connections, coming closer together and at the same time during Covid-19 distance, and what is distance?

The result of this process are four drawings on the floor on which four pairs of shoes are arranged. The signs and shoes refer to each other in terms of content and style and form a symbiosis. First on show at Shoe Fantasies in Pécz, Hungary June 9 2023.

Material: shoes are made from white leather and black Pinatex fake leather. Heels are made from wood and painted. Printed hand drawing on coated vinyl fabric.

Photo’s by Charlotte Visser.

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